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Personal Training

I offer bespoke personal training sessions which focus on functional, aligned, whole body movement patterns to improve strength, mobility and overall fitness. I specialise in Kettlebells as I believe they are one of the most effective and efficient tools to train with. I also teach Animal Flow®, a program that combines quadrupedal and ground-based movements to create fluid and challenging movement sequences.

Animal Flow

Movement Therapy

Movement therapy is a combination of techniques, which teaches people how to move better in order to reduce pain, rehab injury and allow you to lead an active, pain free life. It is a whole body approach to re-aligning the body as opposed to spot treating areas of concern.

This method is for you if you

  • Have any pain or niggles in your body
  • Are recovering from an accident or injury
  • Keep getting injured in your sport or workouts
  • Are curious about your alignment, movement habits and gait pattern and want to prevent future injury and repetitive stress

Movement Therapy package

  • An initial 75 minute session and two one hour follow up sessions
  • Understand how your movement habits and gait pattern might be contributing to your pain
  • Learn how to manage your pain or injury with corrective exercises you can incorperate into your daily life
  • Learn better technique and form in your sport or gym workouts
  • Swap a movement session for a manual therapy session if appropriate
  • Receive support, encouragement and accountability throughout your time working with me

What to expect in a session

Your first session will involve a biomechanical assessment of your body and gait analysis if appropriate. We will then work together to improve your alignment, walking pattern and most frequent daily movements. You will learn how to sit, stand, walk and move well – all the things you take for granted but may be causing or contributing to your pain or symptoms. We will focus on the areas of concern whilst looking at the body as a whole to rehabilitate it and prevent further issues.

I will then prescribe a set of corrective exercises specific to your needs, which will be sent to you in video format and updated after each session. Ideally you should set aside 15 minutes 4-5 times a week to do the exercises, but many of them can be incorporated into your every day life.

Gait Analysis (Anatomy in Motion™)

Observing and analysing gait is one of the most effective ways to study human movement. Anatomy in Motion™ is a system developed by Gary Ward, author of What The Foot, which looks at how the body moves through the gait cycle. He created the Flow Motion Model, a map of how all joints in the body move through all three planes of motion at each stage of gait. Due to past injury, habits or pain we may be avoiding certain movements and positions as we walk. The model allows us to spot these compensations and gently introduce them back to the body.

The AiM method often starts by looking at how the feet are moving (or not moving). When we re-learn how to fully pronate and supinate the feet the results spiral upwards into all other joints of the body allowing for greater freedom of movement and overall balance.

Anatomy in Motion package

  • An initial 90 minute session and two one hour follow up sessions
  • Video analysis of your gait pattern and static posture (sent in before your session)
  • A detailed breakdown of your gait cycle to understand how you are currently moving and how to move more into your blind spots
  • Learn corrective exercises to move and walk better in order to reduce pain and future injury
  • Experience more freedom of movement in all of your joints, creating an environment in which healing can take place
  • Receive support, encouragement and accountability throughout your time working with me

What My Clients Are Saying

“Janey I just wanted to let you know that as of Sunday I’m almost totally back pain free! Absolutely incredible. 2 years of suffering and your exercises are doing the trick. I can’t thank you enough”.


About Janey

I’m a Sports Massage Therapist and Movement Teacher who specialises in core rehabilitation. With many years of experience in manual therapy, movement and fitness I draw on a depth of knowledge and tools to tailor my sessions to individual needs.

My aim is to educate and enable my clients to feel fully confident in their bodies and move through life without fear and pain. I love everything about my job. It combines my continued fascination with the human body with meeting and helping a huge variety of people. Please get in touch if you have any questions at all.

Janey Sattentau

Janey Sattentau


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